Letsema Centre

About us

Letsema Centre is an African independent developmental and democracy institute committed to promoting sustainable democracy in South Africa and elsewhere by undertaking socio-economic and policy research as well as empowering citizens on matters of public interest and participation for a complete human development.

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What is Letsema Centre?

LETSEMA CENTRE is a non-profit section 21 organization registered in South Africa.

LETSEMA CENTRE exists to empower people, organizations and communities towards community development and sustainable democracy.

LETSEMA CENTRE is guided by five pillars:

1) undertaking social research;
2) implementing capacity development;
3) partnering for global learning;
4) publishing experiences of volunteers; and
5) strengthening grassroots democratization.

LETSEMA CENTRE is also a host site for an international volunteer learning partnership between non-profit organizations in South Africa, and counterparts from Brazil and Germany, and involving mainly youth (and adult) volunteers interested in exploring different local initiatives impacting on the socio-politico-economic challenges and thereby achieving sustainable livelihoods.