Letsema Centre

Leadership Action for Public Achievement [LAPA]

Leadership Action for Public Achievement (with an acronym LAPA) is a school-based democracy education and leadership development training course. It is an initiative of Letsema Centre for Development and Democracy implemented in working partnership with secondary schools across Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality. It is a youth capacity development programme focusing on democracy and leadership skills. LAPA seeks to prepare young people for a sustainable culture of citizen participation in democracy and nation-building.

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Project Details

Project Overall Aim
To prepare young people to develop as active citizens possessing basic democracy and leadership skills and educational curriculum towards and beyond matriculation for public achievement.

The Key Objectives of LAPA include:

After participating in the LAPA initiative learners will be able to:

Project targeted beneficiaries, attendance, learning themes and duration
The project targets all learners in Representative Council of Learners (with an acronym RCL) in secondary schools across Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality. The total intake may range between a minimum of 40 to a maximum of 60 learners. The project is not only limited to learners in the RCL but also opened to those learners not in the RCL but have interest in learning about democracy education and leadership development.
The duration of the project is 12 months and the participants are expected to meet twice a week each session lasting for an hour. The LAPA sessions are facilitated by a trained facilitator from Letsema Centre who will be expected to work closely with the relevant educator. Learners will also attend Winter and Summer camps during school recess periods.
The main learning themes cover, inter alia, leadership, democracy, human rights, free and fair elections, media skills, public participation, what is local government and how it works, role young people in local government and personal leadership development. The participating learners are also challenged to implement two projects a) identify a public issue or a problem in their respective schools and then run an awareness or public campaign and also implement the project and b) produce a school newsletter.

LAPA Action Plan

Month 1-2Elections, Inauguration and Induction Workshop
Month 3First LAPA Parliament: Discussions and mapping of the various challenges facing the school
Month 4Second LAPA Parliament: Project Plans Presentations
Month 5-10Third and Fourth LAPA Parliament: Projects Implementation and Debates concerning Service Delivery
Month 12Certification and Year End Celebration