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Speak Out! - Bua Fela!

Bua Fela! is an open public space initiated with a view of creating community study circles to engage in public discourse.

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Project Details

Bua Fela! (an African Setswana phrase meaning Speak Out!) is a public forum or a dialogue space initiated in consultation with different affected groups or local structures or communities experiencing public problems or violence or outbreaks and is targeted at youth and adults to speak out, learn from each other, and find ways of resolving common public problems together. The public forum decides beforehand on the relevant theme, and is held monthly in specific areas and open to public. Examples of issues, problems or themes relevant for the public forum or discussed in the past with affected groups in local communities include but not limited to Identity Book Problems, Municipal Cross Border Disputes, Refugee Challenges, HIV/Aids pandemic, Crime Hotspots, All-night Taverns, Teenage Pregnancy, Local Service Delivery Protests, Chieftainship Disputes, Disputes in Churches, Road Accident Hotspots and Xenophobia. The deliberations and recommended approaches towards resolving specific problems are normally compiled into a comprehensive report or document and could shared on internet or deposited with the relevant authority.